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Going down a 30MPH road in Seattle, WA I found myself behind a slightly slower bicyclist so I decided to pass them (and give them a wide berth as you should when passing a bicyclist). A police officer saw us and pulled us over for "racing and speeding." I know how incredibly difficult it is to get over 30MPH going down that hill so I knew I wasn't speeding and I definitely wasn't racing. My GPS ended up reporting my top speed at 30.2 MPH so I guess I'll give the office a hand on that technicality. Full transcript (as best as I can get it): Officer: You you guys have to follow the same rules as cars Other bicyclist: Ya, so why can't we be out in the road? Officer: You can't race Me: I wasn't racing Other bicyclist: I don't know this guy Me: I don't know him either Officer: The speed limit is 30 (I think is what he said) Me: Ya, 30 is the speed limit Other bicyclist: How fast was I going? Officer: Let's not play this game Other bicyclist: I'm just curious, how fast was I going? Officer: You were going faster than 30 (very matter of fact statement that was blatantly false) Me: I actually have a speedometer, I am going 30 Other bicyclist: I was going slower than him Officer: Ok! Ok! Alright! You still don't have all the equipment on your bikes Recorded 8/14/2014 about 9:50AM