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Remember when we were kids and we rode our bikes with smiles from ear to ear? Remember? We pedaled without any challenges. As kids, riding was just fun and easy. Well, we’ve created a product that allows us to do just that. LEED electric bike conversion kits allow anyone to economically convert any bike, old or new, into a premium electric bike and return to riding with smiles. People always ask, “What is riding an electric bike like?” Well, riding an electric bike is like this... Riding a converted electric bike is like riding your bike with super powers. Our 250 Series Kits basically double your power. LEED e-bike conversion kits allow you to keep and enjoy your bicycle. So, there’s no need to buy an expensive electric bike. Installing the 250 Series Kit takes about five minutes for most bikes because all you have to do is replace your wheel with our electric wheel and plug in the lithium battery. After installation, you can climb hills with ease and ride farther and faster than ever before. Most likely, you’ll be able to commute to work on weekdays without even breaking a sweat or pass weekend-warrior cyclists. But, the best thing about converting your bike with a LEED e-bike kit is that you will ride with a smile and feel like a kid again. If you share our vision, then join us on our mission to clean the environment and ride bikes better, for a greater purpose.