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Learn more about balance bikes at http://www.balancebikes4kids.com FirstBike Cross Review The FirstBIke is a new breed of balance bike that emphasizes smart construction and safety with a look and feel that's sure to delight your child. The FirstBike is the result of German engineering and nearly every aspect of its design is intended to ensure your child's safety as they learn to ride on a balance bike that's as fun to look at as it is to ride. Like all FirstBike models, the "Cross" features a concave saddle that's a far-cry from traditional bike seats. The design is intended to mimic a horse saddle and will prevent your child from sliding forward or backward off the seat and makes the mechanics of riding a balance bike even easier for a youngster. The seat easily adjusts up and down with a turn of a knob and will always remain perfectly aligned with the bike frame. The 12" composite mag wheels on the FirstBike Cross are equipped with pneumatic air tires that offer excellent traction. Unlike other balance bikes, FirstBikes feature recessed nuts and fasteners that keep them out of the way and reduce any chance of injury for your child. The FirstBike Cross is also available in both Red and Silver. The FirstBike's composite frames are constructed from glass fiber and reinforced nylon making them nearly indestructable. What's more, the bikes materials have thru-color so the eventual scratches won't detract from the bike's good looks. If it gets dirty, just hose it down without worrying about rust or rot. In this video provided by the FirstBike team, a 165 lb. man stomps on the bike to show just how durable the bikes really are. In other tests the bike was run over by van and thrown from a moving vehicle without incident. They're tough. The FirstBike balance bike line is the obvious choice for parents who make child safety a top priority. There's nothing poking out to snag or injure a child's skin. The bike features a limited turn radius to prevent jack-knifing. And it's made from materials that don't require any paint, so you know it's lead-free. There's nothing else quite like the FirstBike available for kids. We weren't surprised to hear that the German designer actually engineered the bike to fit his own child and is now at work on a cutting-edge e-Bike in Europe. It's clearly the work of people who are passionate about bikes. The FirstBike Cross weighs in at 7.7 lbs making it one of the lightest bikes available. It's seat height adjusts from 14 to 18 inches and as low as 12" with an optional lowering kit. An optional child size handbrake with rear drum braking can also be purchased and installed. Where the FirstBike models really shine is in their safety features. In our opinion, it's the safest balance bike available today. Plus, its unique design makes learning to ride even easier for your child on a bike that's definitely earned its share of style points. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-0KJXWORhw