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The availability and popularity of the new wave of Giant Mountain Bikes has proven that the decision to focus on a wide range of bikes with 27.5" wheels was the correct one. The acceptance of this "new" size over the past couple of years has been a revelation, as riders discover that mountain bikes can be fast, stable and manouverable, and as a result, fun to ride. Giant produce a very wide range of bikes, with bikes of varying specification falling into all the commonly sought after price points. The Talon 4 is the first and cheapest of the Talon range, but is practically a mid range bike, being above the Giant Boulder and ATX models. A very popular model in the previous season due to the bikes features and relatively high level of components, the 2016 Talon continues in the same vein, promising to again be a very popular model. The Talon 4 has a durable and yet lightweight aluminium frame and is fitted with SR SunTour suspension forks which have both an adjustment mechanism as well as a lockout feature. Another great feature of the Talon 4 are the hydraulic disc brakes, which provide excellent braking in all weather and riding conditions, with a minimum of brake lever effort. Once an option on only the higher end bikes, disc brakes are now more regularly available, even on this $749 bike. The Talon 4 is a 24 speed bike, with 3 chainrings and a 9 speed rear cassette. With 'rapid fire" gear levers and Shimano Acera derailleurs, the gears are easy to operate and provide a range of ratios suitable for most terrains and rider fitness levels. As a recreational mountain bike, the Talon 4 is also capable of having a pannier rack installed with eyelets built into the frame as rack mounting points. Helps make the Talon suitable as a commuter too. A very nice, sub $1000 bike. https://ivanhoecycles.com.au/bikes/Giant-Talon/Giant-Talon-4-2016/4970