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Messi Acrobatic Goals & Skills | Messi Bicycle Kicks , Scissor Kicks , Overhead Kicks , Acrobatic Volleys & Shots || Dribbling , Passing , Free Kicks , Volleys , Heading , Chipping / Lobbing , Solo Goals , Nutmegs ..... And now Acrobatic skills. Is there still anything left that Leo Messi can not do ?! Messi has already created first ever bicycle assist (intentional) with a bicycle pass and already scored a scissor kick goal. Now its just a matter of time he gets a bicycle kick goal on his name. He had some great attempts so far...... Lionel Messi is only 5'7". With that size of body it is not possible to have very good acrobatic skill and athleticism. Also Leo Messi is not that kind of player who likes to show of instead of helping the team. So its normal he shouldn't have these type of attempts. But Messi has produced some great acrobatic skills over his career. This is the first video ever made on his acrobatic skills and goals. This compilation contains : - Messi Bicycle Kicks , - Messi Bicycle Kick Assist / Bicycle Assist , - Messi Acrobatic Volleys , - Messi Scissor Kicks , - Messi Scissor Kick Goal / Goals , - Messi Overhead Kicks , - Messi Overhead Kick Attempts / Shots , - Messi Bicycle Pass / Bicycle Kick Passes , Lionel Messi Best Acrobatic Skills [ Volleys , Flying Kicks , Overhead Kicks , Scissor Kicks , Bicycle Kicks and Skills ]