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My wife and I wanted to get some bikes for exercise and to explore Las Vegas a bit closer than you can do with a car. We picked up 2 fat tire bikes from Mongoose. Mine is the Dolomite with disk brakes and hers is the Dozer with coaster brakes. Both get lots of looks anywhere we go which is part of the fun. They are big heavy cruisers which I guess is good for excursive but not so good for real off road mountain biking on the trails. If you want a real performer off road stick to a traditional mountain bike for the light weight, quick response and nimble handling. If you want to cruise and you are ok with people stopping you to ask you about the bike...then a fat tire bike is for you. I think these would be a good candidate for electric hub motors since hills can be tough with these bikes. royalty free music by youtube creator tool. to buy this bike online where I got it...check it out on http://www.target.com