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Pulled Over By Pigs (How and Why) OMG Shirts and Stickers! : https://teespring.com/CopsSuck I was riding, on my way home my headlight went out and I was pulled over my the police. The cop kinda cut me some slack because I was honest and respectful. For everyone wondering why I don't run from the police, my license plate would be on their dash cam. This cop seemed nicer until what he said when the encounter was over. That is the only reason I felt it was appropriarte to use "pigg" In tyhe title instead of police, cops, five o, or whatevwerr else you call those donut downing normal people with a peice of metal. (take everything with a grain of salt, if it's that offensive I'm just cracking a joke) Instagram - https://Instagram.com/ZackGoes/ Intro Song - 5am By Logic (if you see people asking feel free to guide them here Twitter- https://twitter.com/ZackGoesBRAAP GooglePlus- https://plus.google.com/+ZackGoes/ (Follow to help me get verified) Facebook- https://www.Facebook.com/ZackGoesYT GFX by: https://twitter.com/MarcoHDesigns I Ride a 2004 04 TTR 125 ( 125ES ) and a 2015 WR250R Dual Sport Enduro or Dirt bike (different from WR250F) Also a doodlebug mini bike with a predator 212cc 6.5hp engine and clutch I am a Pitbike Motovlogger / Dirt Biker Pit Bike Adventure I do lots of Wheelies :D Wheelie LIfe #bikelife LOL Catch me on the streets I do not have the 2015 SSR 125 anymore some descriptions have secret videos in them Some of My Favorite Videos Below Burger King Drive-Thru on Dirt Bikes Stolen Dirt Bike Joy Ride COPS? Getting Ripped off on Craigslist | T&S Riding EP2 S1 Everything in this video said/done is fictional and isn't real. It's all CGI **FILMED IN MEXICO**