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The new DSC-RX10M3 (MIII) camera from SONY offers HIGH SPEED HD recording with 2 options at different frame rates: quality or shoot time priority. The first offers better picture resolution with 2 sec of recording time, while the second option provides some more seconds of range at cost of a slightly minor image quality. This comparison offers footage of both settings and compares them to each other. In between we try to demonstrate what a decent post processing can do. During our analysis we come to 3 different conclusions: conclusion A: even though 250 PAL / 240 NTFS HIGH SPEED picture quality @ SHOOT TIME PRIORITY is not quite as good as QUALITY - you can still use it for some acceptable results. conclusion B: 250 PAL / 240 NTFS HIGH SPEED RAW FOOTAGE @ QUALITY PRIORITY WILL LEAD TO NEAR FULL HD results. conclusion C: STILL, for truly perfect picture quality you will need to step back to 100 f/s PAL @ 100 M resulting in excellent playback speed @ 25 f/sec. At 100 f/s the theoretical recording time limit will be raised from several seconds to 30 minutes!!! Please subscribe if you want to see more of such SSCHNITTLABOR video works ... Here is the link to our comparison of higher frame rates with the RX10 Mark 3: https://youtu.be/-0YEUw_-prY MUSIC: Heavy by Huma Huma