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Full review and unboxing of Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016) Galaxy J2 (2016) Price in India: INR 9,750 Specification Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016) OS: Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Processor: 1.5 GHz Quad Core Dual SIM: Yes 4G ready: Yes RAM: 1.5 GB Memory: 8 GB, 4 GB user available External Memory: Yes, up to 128 GB with microSD card storage Camera: 8 MP, F/2.2, LED Flash with Selfie Assist Video': 720p at 30 fps fps Front camera: 5 MP, with NO LED Flahsh Battery: 2,600 mAh removable Thickness: 8.mm Display: 5.0 inch Super AMOLED Screen resolution: 720 x 1280 pixels Bluetooth: Yes, v4.2 FM radio: Yes It’s a dual SIM 4G device with an impressive 1.5 GHz Quad core processor, a 8 MP camera, ultra-data saving mode, HD display and S Bike mode! The overall look is quite nice because of the metallic finish all around on the edges- the styling and the curves that you see within the edges really adds to an x-factor in the design. The J2 feels quite pleasant in hand, perfect fit, ergonomically good, light weight & very easy to use with just one hand. The Galaxy J2 introduces two new innovative features by Samsung - the Turbo Speed Technology and Smart Glow. The J2 2016 edition has a 30% larger battery, a bump from a 5 MP primary camera to an 8 MP primary camera & the 2 MP front camera upgrading over to a 5 MP front camera as compared to the J2 2015 edition. There are 3 kind of alerts that you can set – priority, usage and selfie assist. Priority alerts are basically colored notifications for when you receive notification from a particular app like Gmail or whatsapp or Instagram or facebook and if you get calls from certain people in your contact list. You can obviously set these yourself. And you can set pretty much any color you’d like. Just make the right combination of the red, green and blue sliders and you can set that as a color. Usage alerts are used when you want your smartphone to alert you about your data usage going overboard, or your battery level is too low or if you run out of memory. You can set the threshold yourself so you have full control over when you need to be notified. Selfie assist is probably the most interesting one. So while Samsung removed the front LED flash light that was helpful to take bright selfies even in dark conditions – with selfie assist you can take high quality selfies with flash through the rear camera with ease. The notification LED at the back starts glowing to indicate whether your face is being captured 100% or not – and in case it’s not the LED does not glow in those regions telling you to shift your camera or your face to fit the frame perfectly. Turbo Speed Technology ensures superior device performance. Native apps like camera, gallery, contacts, phone, etc. open up nearly 40% times faster than devices with double the RAM. So even if the J2 has 1.5 GB RAM, it is going to be faster than devices with nearly 3 GB RAM at least on some functions. This is achieved by managing processes and services in the background efficiently to ensure that RAM is not cluttered and is available to quickly perform functions. Overall the Galaxy J2 is a pretty awesome device for its price point. It’s light weight and extremely easy to use with just a single hand which makes it ergonomically excellent. The UI is smooth and the touch response is just awesome. With turbo speed technology the phone is able to achieve faster performance & perform even better than smartphones that have double its RAM. The 5 inch Super AMOLED display is colourful, vivid, punchy and bright and the HD resolution is a plus too at this price point. With made for India features like Ultra Data saving mode and S Bike mode that J2 definitely adds quite a few value add feature to simplify user’s experience. And to add the icing on the cake, the Notification LED around the camera is just a new innovative notification alert mechanism that ensures privacy as well as urgency of being notified at the same time.