36m 1sLenght

I know how much everyone has been enjoying the raw clips that I upload lately and the last upload of raw clips from SBFC round 1 has definitely been a big hit on my channel so here's another one for the people, gotta give'em what they want! This is the longest upload to my channel yet with over 30+ mins of raw footage including riders such as Bill Dixon, Crazy Dan Jackson, Jesse Toler, Tony Perez, Brennan Foreman(Blox Starz), and so many more sick riders from across the nation. Another big shoutout to Bill Dixon for hosting this event and everyone who helped put it together including the Hazard Police. Thanks for watching and don't forget to like, share with all your riding buddies, and last but not least subscribe to my youtube channel for future videos! Please subscribe and "Like" Facebook.com/dirthicksproductions